New Series--The Secrets of Thornbury Woods

 Welcome to Hawthorne Hall!

I’m excited to unveil my new series! The idea for this series has been living inside me for a long time. It took 3 years to write book one. I can’t wait to introduce you to the inhabitants of Hawthorne Hall Preparatory School–ones who are known to live there…and ones nobody might know about!
Cover of The Hidden Door

The Hidden Door: A Southern Gothic Romance

What deadly secrets still lurk beneath Hawthorne Hall?
The mysterious estate stood empty for a decade, adding to its haunted mystique. Only a few know the true, tragic story from its hidden depths.
Knox Pearson and his close band of friends bonded over that tragedy. Now they have a vision for re-opening Hawthorne Prep School: help at-risk teens. It’s a path to redemption for the sins of their past. But he isn’t sure he will ever escape the crushing guilt from that fateful night long ago.
Sara Rutherford has battled to build her renovation business despite being a town outcast. Her natural talent and uncanny ability to “read” inanimate objects helped her make headway and defy the powers-that-be who try to subvert her success. Now her Uncle Lou, who was working at Hawthorne Hall, has gone missing. Sara’s not the woman to stop searching…and she suspects the secret passage in the estate’s library holds the key to her questions.
Knox isn’t about to let her loose unsupervised on his property, so they team up to explore the underground tunnels together. When they discover the hidden sanctuary of a long forgotten secret society, Knox’s secrets can no longer hide in the shadows. But this time, it just might cost Sara her life.
Discover a new gothic southern romance series, inspired by the romantic mystery stories of Phyllis A Whitney and Mary Stewart. The pre-order is now live!
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