New Release: Taming The Billionaire

  It’s out now!!! Book 2 in the Savannah Sisters trilogy hit the electronic shelves on March 1, while the paperback versions should be making an appearance on March 6. Check out the excerpt below! The beast of Sabatini House is real.  And only one beauty can tame him. When Willow Harden arrives at Tate Kingston’s island castle for her housekeeper job, she finds her temperamental boss isn’t just an enigmatic author living in self-imposed exile—he’s an attractive flesh-and-blood man. Soon she’s thinking less about her mission to uncover his family’s secrets than about being under his covers. Until an unplanned pregnancy sets them on a collision course with destiny… To see more books in this series, click here. Keep a watch on my Facebook author page for Behind the Scenes glimpses and contests throughout the month! You can grab your copy of this installment of the Savannah Sisters books at the links below and other online retailers. Amazon Barnes & Noble Goodreads Page — Add this book to your To Be Read Shelf!


Sabatini House. Finally. Willow stared up at the imposing, impressive castle-like residence through the windshield of her car. The thunderstorm raging around it was only appropriate. A structure as mysterious and unique as Sabatini House deserved an atmospheric introduction. Unfortunately, since the owner hadn’t answered the intercom when she’d stopped at the gates, Willow now had to figure out how to get inside. It took concentrated effort to relax her fingers on the steering wheel. The rain pounded her little car, at times completely obscuring the view. Willow had been fascinated with Sabatini House for several years, since she’d discovered mention of its owners, the Kingston family, in her great-grandmother’s journals. But they contained very little about its history, which had only whetted her appetite for more. According to the rare articles she’d found about the house since then, it was said to have been built by a Spanish pirate for his lover. It featured underground caves that allowed the ocean to actually flow underneath the house to create a swimming cove. In her journal, Willow’s great-grandmother had described the cave from her one and only time sneaking into a party in the house, declaring it a truly magical tie between the land and the sea. As a descendant of pirates herself, that would be something her great-grandmother would have appreciated. From the outside it still looked like a magnificent castle, with turrets and peaks and arched windows. But Willow was dying for a glimpse of the inside. She hadn’t been able to find any photos or documentation in her research. The current reclusive owner had never allowed anyone else inside besides his caretaker, Murdoch Evans, and the occasional trusted workman. Until today. Taking a deep breath, Willow pulled her raincoat around her as best she could. There wasn’t any point feeling wimpy about the rain. She needed to get inside. The sooner she settled in, the sooner she could start looking for clues. As much as the house fascinated her, the secrets it held were what truly drew her here. Secrets about the Kingstons, and one fateful night generations ago, that could change her own history forever.

First Day of School

This year, our school system moved up our start time to make way for a fall break. I love fall break, but starting school so early is a bit strange.  :)  Still, we packed our lunch boxes and backpacks and sent the kids out the door yesterday to begin their new year of school. Maybe this is why fall feels like such a new beginning for me every year. This milestone means new teachers, new classrooms (and new school supplies!!!). Yes, I'm an office supply junkie, so I love back-to-school shopping. It's also a great time to start a new project! And that's exactly what I'm doing this year. I've started writing Zachary Gatlin's book, which will be a fourth in the Mill Town Millionaires series for Harlequin Desire. I've discovered that Zachary is very strong and almost stern. His heroine, Kenna, is also strong, but in her own quiet way. I love learning all the nuances of new characters! I hope I can share more of them with you soon. What about you? Are your kids still in the cycle of school starts? Or is fall simply another season for you? For those of you who are overseas, when do your children begin their new school years? Dani

#amediting-Mill Town #3

edits, editing, romance author   Yep, I'm in the final stages of my personal edits for Luke and Avery's book (Mill Town Millionaires Book 3). It's taken a bit longer than expected. When I went to turn it in, I realized I was about 5000 words over word count.  O.O Per Awesome Editor's instructions, I'm working to cut several thousand out now, then we will cut more during Editor Revisions. What are Personal Edits, you ask. Well, my drafts are never very clean, so I edit them once before they go to Awesome Editor in the first place. Then I go through it again when he sends me his notes (I call this Editor Revisions). Then there are Line Edits. And then--once more after the copy editor is finished. Oh my! It gets tedious, but I do my best work in revisions (and both my editors are awesome when giving directions!), so I endure so the story turns out the best it possibly can. So there's where I am this week.  :) Pray for me--I may need it! Dani

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It’s almost time! Goin’ Out Solo, Backstage Pass Bk 4, is about to go up for pre-order—but there’s a very special chance for you to read it and all my other books early! Check it out! Advanced Reading Team, romance readers I’m offering a few select readers the chance to read these books early! I have my very own Advanced Review Team, and I’d love for you to be a part. That means you’d get the chance to read my upcoming books BEFORE RELEASE DAY! All I ask is that you leave an honest review of the book on Amazon (and any other review sites you frequent) on the actual release day. Does the thought of free books pique your interest? Well, here’s what you do:
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  That’s it! Does this mean I expect all 5 star reviews? No. No everyone will love my books (though I hope you actually like them if you sign up), and not everyone will enjoy all my books equally. As a life-long reader, I completely understand that. It’s another reason why I’m giving readers the option of which of my books they’d like to read. Not everyone loves both those genres. But reader reviews seriously help a book get noticed on Amazon! It helps other readers know what to anticipate in a story and whether it will fit their reading tastes. The number of reviews can also help authors when we apply for certain promotional opportunities. Every review I get on my books is a blessing—one for which I’m deeply grateful. All I ask is that you be honest, and don’t post any spoilers. So, are you with me? Readers who join now will get to read the next Backstage Pass book, featuring Nate, in the next few weeks. And another installment of the Small Town Secrets series later this year. So don’t wait! Send me that email now, and join the team. I can’t wait to get to know you and share special sneak peaks of my upcoming releases! Dani

The Blackstone Brothers are Back!

This time I’m torturing straightlaced, uber planner Jacob Blackstone has his life mapped out… His detour with impulsive KC Gatlin was a wild aberration…until he found out that she gave birth to his child. #bookrelease Mill Town Millionaires, Billionaires and Babies, Blackstone Heir, Dani Wade "I WANT MY SON." When Jacob Blackstone sees his former flame holding a baby with the Blackstone blond curls, the Southern millionaire knows the child is his. But why would down-on-her-luck bartender KC Gatlin keep Jacob's heir a secret? Now the bachelor who wanted a family on his own terms must rush to convince the fiercely protective beauty he's daddy material. KC must tell Jacob the truth about why she kept his son from him or risk losing her beloved baby. When the gorgeous mill owner suggests a trial run at domesticity, she can't resist. But is true love part of this baby deal? Follow the journey of the founding family of Black Hills, South Carolina. Amazon               B&N                    Harlequin  

My Sexy Saturday: The Blackstone Heir

  Mill Town Millionaires, Billionaires and Babies, Blackstone Heir, Dani WadeTo me, there's nothing sexier than a man in pursuit of a woman. Jake has been craving KC for over a year. Now she's right in front of him, and he can't wait for another taste! I hope you enjoy this My Sexy Saturday excerpt from THE BLACKSTONE HEIR, Mill Town Millionaires Book 2.   “Excuse me, guys.” Leaving his brothers staring after him, he made his way around tables to cross the room. They’d been in their corner for an hour while KC tended bar and she hadn’t looked directly at him a single time. Every second without that connection had itched below his skin until he couldn’t even concentrate on the conversation. He’d deliberately kept their relationship out of the local headlines, but Jacob was desperate enough to risk a little limelight right now. Oh boy. His attitude made him very afraid he might step into stalker mode now that the possibility of seeing her around was very, very real. Some days, thoughts of KC had made him feel as if he was losing his mind. He braced himself for KC’s special brand of sarcasm. Something that had been noticeably lacking this morning. “Jake. What brings you in tonight?” You. Jacob ground his teeth together. Not because the shortening of his name bothered him, but because hearing it said in KC Gatlin’s husky voice reminded him of evenings being soothed by her presence after an upsetting day with his mom. Reminded him of long nights between the sheets. Far too distant memories. “Do I need a reason? Can’t I just enjoy the opportunity to watch a beautiful woman work the crowd?” For the better part of a year, such a simple comment would have had her eyes sparkling, those full, naturally red lips tilting into a luscious smile, her mouth ready and willing to talk back. But not tonight. “You never came to watch me before,” she said, then dropped her gaze to the bar and started scrubbing, leaving him bereft once more. So, she wasn’t gonna make this easy. Available for pre-order on Amazon, B&N, and On the virtual shelves February 1st!

Series Fever

I’m not hooked on a lot of television series anymore. Between jobs and dreaming up stories, I just don’t have the time to watch a lot of tv. And I don’t let myself take the time because, frankly, I love it.  J I could spend all my free time watching other people’s stories. Shemar Moore But there are a few series I’m still hooked too. I try to watch them on Netflix when I can fit them into other things. I’m in love with Criminal Minds, with that smart team and sexy heroes. I’ve also been roped into Supernatural, thanks to Book Worm. The thing I love about series is the recurring characters—it gives me a chance to know more and more about them. I love the same thing about book series. I’ve written 2 Indie series now, which still have books in the works. I started my first with Harlequin last August, the Mill Town Millionaires. The second will release in a few short weeks. THE BLACKSTONE HEIR is the story of Jacob Blackstone, and the son he didn’t know he had with the woman he thought was all wrong for him. Boy, does he learn differently!  I’m also working with my editor on Jacob’s twin, Lucas Blackstone’s book. Can’t wait! Do you have a favorite book or tv series you’re obsessing over right now? Share (I could always use a new obsession!). Dani THE BLACKSTONE HEIR, Mill Town Millionaires Book 3 Available for Pre-order Now. Mill Town Millionaires, Billionaires and Babies, Blackstone Heir, Dani Wade "I WANT MY SON."   When Jacob Blackstone sees his former flame holding a baby with the Blackstone blond curls, the Southern millionaire knows the child is his. But why would down-on-her-luck bartender KC Gatlin keep Jacob's heir a secret? Now the bachelor who wanted a family on his own terms must rush to convince the fiercely protective beauty he's daddy material.   KC must tell Jacob the truth about why she kept his son from him or risk losing her beloved baby. When the gorgeous mill owner suggests a trial run at domesticity, she can't resist. But is true love part of this baby deal?

Long Time No See

So I’ve been AWOL for a while…I’d love to say its because I’ve been writing, but honestly I’ve been recovering from a busy year. The holidays were a great time to rest and relax, spend time with my family. I hope you were able to do the same. I’m working hard on Luke’s book! I hope to be able to announce a date for his release soon. In the meantime, The Blackstone Heir will hit the shelves February 1st. I’m excited that Harlequin bestowed the Billionaires & Babies series tag on the book—to match the beautiful baby on the cover! The Blackstone Heir Mill Town Millionaires, Book 2 Mill Town Millionaires, Billionaires and Babies, Blackstone Heir, Dani Wade "I WANT MY SON." When Jacob Blackstone sees his former flame holding a baby with the Blackstone blond curls, the Southern millionaire knows the child is his. But why would down-on-her-luck bartender KC Gatlin keep Jacob's heir a secret? Now the bachelor who wanted a family on his own terms must rush to convince the fiercely protective beauty he's daddy material. KC must tell Jacob the truth about why she kept his son from him or risk losing her beloved baby. When the gorgeous mill owner suggests a trial run at domesticity, she can't resist. But is true love part of this baby deal?   Available for Pre-Order now! Check out the Excerpt on Amazon.

My Sexy Saturday: A Bride’s Tangled Vows

Welcome to my version of My Sexy Saturday! Some men have it all—or appear to. The hero of A Bride’s Tangled Vows, Aiden Blackstone, is the epitome of wealth and power. A self-made man. But there’s still something lacking in his life, even when he doesn’t want to admit it… a bride's tangled vows. dani wade. harlequin desire. contemporary romance "Aiden?" The sudden silence must have become too much for her, because Christina moved forward as if to continue down the stairs. The polite thing would have been to step aside, but the ache to feel that body against his once more kept him perversely still. She slowed within a hair's breadth, tension mounting once more. "Aiden?" "So you're really willing to do this? he asked, almost holding his breath as he awaited her answer. What delicious torture to spend the next year with this woman and keep his hands to himself. Could he? This was a huge mistake. "I don't know. I don't think I can, you know, share a bed with you." The way her voice trailed off told him how very uncomfortable she was, which only awakened images of making her very comfortable in a bed for two. Maybe he could find a way to make this work. A Bride's Tangled Vow is the first in the Mill Town Millionaires series for Harlequin Desire that received a 4.5 star review from Romantic Times Magazine! Its available now from Amazon and B&N THE TERM LIMIT BRIDE Wealthy art dealer Aiden Blackstone has successfully avoided two things: returning to the hometown that haunts him, and taking a wife. Now thanks to his controlling grandfather's machinations he's reluctantly ended up doing both. But Christina Reece quickly proves she no mere platonic bride of convenience. The only way she can make this marriage outlive their one-year agreement is if she can make her sexy husband open his heart and forget the demons of the past...before its too late. Because there's an enemy on the horizon, threatening to take away all they hold dear, including their newfound passion. author newsletter, Dani Wade, sexy suspense romance writer, author, free booksAll subscribers to my author newsletter will receive all my cool updates, some hunky pics, chances to win...oh, and A FREE NOVELLA! All new subscribers receive a copy of my novella Snow Bound. Just click on the button to subscribe.         For more My Sexy Saturday fun, check out the cool authors listed here! And the #mysexysaturday hashtag on Twitter!            

Desires-Then & Now

Recently, one of my besties gave me a cool gift. Author Marilyn Baxter showed up to breakfast with this book: Diana Palmer, romance covers, Silhouette Desire, Harlequin Desire, Dani Wade   She’d found it at a thrift store, and thought I would enjoy it since I write for the same line. This is from the Desire line when it was Silhouette Desire, a brand new venture, as this is #50. I absolutely love the cover! The ultra alpha male with a bushy mustache. Those high heels in the middle of the woods. And the (now) vintage car in the background. Dated as it is now, it's a true representation of the books I read that got me hooked on romance. The emotional draw of being swept off your feet by someone able to take car of everything (even if its not PC, I still dream of that some days). :) Some of the first Desires I read  were some older ones. A kind lady who lived across the street gave me a box of books when I was recovering from a very bad illness and it included this book and several others: Justine Davis, Upon the Storm, Silhouette Desire, Harlequin Desire, vintage romance books, Dani Wade I still have this book and still read it too! It's Desire #712. A little closer to the traditional clinch cover, this one still represents the glamour of the Desire line. I'll be forever grateful to that kind lady! She reintroduced me to the joy of reading romance, and eventually writing it. Something I wouldn’t even think about until over 3 years after reading it. Though vintage covers are cool, I have to admit I’m in love with my Desire covers. Now the line is Harlequin Desire, and my release for last month, A Bride’s Tangled Vows, was Desire #2322. His By Design, Dani Wade, Harlequin Desire, Writers on Reading I think the full cover pic truly pops and draws the eye of the reader more. And I have a brand new cover coming soon. The Blackstone Heir, my Mill Town Millionaire book coming in February 2015, will be my first ever baby cover! It’s so cute! (The cover & the baby.) So let’s talk about covers! What are your favorite old school and modern cover designs? Dani If you’ve ever wondered about the process for Indie authors creating their own covers, check out this really cool Inside Scoop post from yesterday on Nice Girls Writing Naughty by Ella Sheridan, who shares the awesomely hot hunk who will be on her upcoming cover with us!!!! a bride's tangled vows. dani wade. harlequin desire. contemporary romanceNestled in the hills of South Carolina is the one town Aiden Blackstone has refused to acknowledge since he was eighteen years old. The town he grew up in. The town of his birthright. Lured home by his grandfather’s pretense of death, Aiden finds himself snared in a well-laid trap made of coercion, obligation, and duty. There’s no easy way out of his grandfather’s demands that he marry and take over the family business that supports the entire town, not if he wants to keep his invalid mother safe.  Saddled with a wife he shouldn’t want, and the town he never wanted to save, Aiden finds himself swimming through a mire of anger, responsibility, and lust, counting down the days until he can walk away, return to the life he built for himself in NYC, filled with socialites and high dollar art deals, not a town counting on their mill to stay open...and a woman whose soulful gaze gives him a redeeming purpose for every day.  Christina Reece spent her entire childhood wishing Aiden’s family was her own. When a tragic car accident left Aiden’s mother an invalid, Christina got her nursing degree and moved to Blackstone Manor to care for her. Over time, she ended up creating the family she’d always dreamed of...almost. Now she’ll do whatever she must to keep them safe and preserve their future.  When Aiden’s grandfather threatens all she holds dear, Christina volunteers to become Aiden’s wife—not realizing the tormentor from her childhood had transformed into a man she could truly love. A man eager to leave the minute his obligations are fulfilled. As they join forces to uncover a saboteur in their midst, outwit Aiden’s grandfather’s manipulations, and care for Lily, Christina sees the man Aiden truly is—and helps him to see it too. But how can she trust her heart to a man intent on walking away from everything they are building together?  Then their enemy strikes out, threatening everything they hold dear, Aiden and Christina must choose which is stronger—obligation or love?