Gettin’ My Groove On

Proposal is IN! It’s Party Time! Just kidding! Last week, I finished my proposal for Zach and Sadie (Mill Town Millionaires Book 4) and got it sent to Awesome Editor. Next in the pipeline is Small Town Secrets Book 2, before Zach and Sadie’s full is due later this year. DSCN0675 But before that, I get to take a week off from writing. I try to do that between projects to “refill my well”. I still do lots of business stuff, but creatively I let myself off the hook. What do I replace it with? Oh, exciting stuff like cleaning house (it gets really messy on deadline) and watching TV/Movies. I also go on the hunt for new music. As you know if you’ve read my blog for long, music is a powerful fuel for my creativity and each of my characters have “theme” songs. But after a while, I get tired of what I’ve been listening to and need fresh tunes! So I fill up an iTunes card and go hunting… iTunes card, music, refill the well, While I’m refilling the coffers, I’d love for y’all to share some of your favorite music (new or old) with me! I’ll pick 1 commenter to WIN an iTunes card by Friday. Dani

Blessings Reminder

For some reason, this blog disappeared from my site during the night, so here's Take 2:   Have you ever felt like your life was on fast forward somehow-run to the grocery store, run to the school, run to work, run to karate class…And then one moment, you finally pause, and realize you haven’t talked to your friends in a while? That’s what happened to me this week! I’ve sure been missing all of my online friends! I’ve been working on a deadline for a month to turn in Zach and Sadie’s proposal (Mill Town Millionaires 4). Despite many setbacks, I was able to turn it in this past weekend. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this book! Fingers crossed Awesome Editor feels the same! The rest of the time, I’ve been focused on home and family. Recently my husband got pretty sick and had to go through a series of tests. He’s a pretty tough guy, so watching him suffer was hard. I also realized something very important—I rely on my husband A LOT. I like to think of myself as a capable person who gets things accomplished. I’m frequently emotional and often overwhelmed, but shit gets done.  J  Only now do I see how much of that is thanks to my husband. He’s often behind the scenes, keeping the kids and pets on track despite his own day job, so I can focus on writing as much as possible. I’m very lucky to have a spouse that supports my artistic and business endeavors. You’d be surprised how many aren’t. I’m not always quick to see the good that’s happening (glass half empty kind of girl). But even though it wasn’t fun, I’m glad for the reminder of how blessed I am. Twenty years ago, he had no idea what he was getting into, but he’s never looked at me and said, “I don’t think so.” I only hope I’m somehow repaying the favor. Now, I know there’s a reason all of my heroes have a touch of him in there somewhere… What blessings have you discovered recently? Dani

#mysexysaturday on the NGWN blog

Who could use a little Late Summer Sexy this Saturday? I know I sure could! My sexy saturday, book excerpts, nice girls writing naughty Join me on the Nice Girls Writing Naughty blog to read an excerpt from some of our authors for #mysexysaturday blog hop, and comment to win free books! There's also a Grand Prize for the entire month of August. Don't wait! Check it out now!  :) (Hint: this guy might just be over there waiting...) muscular handsome sexy, male model, cover model, cover art

#amediting-Mill Town #3

edits, editing, romance author   Yep, I'm in the final stages of my personal edits for Luke and Avery's book (Mill Town Millionaires Book 3). It's taken a bit longer than expected. When I went to turn it in, I realized I was about 5000 words over word count.  O.O Per Awesome Editor's instructions, I'm working to cut several thousand out now, then we will cut more during Editor Revisions. What are Personal Edits, you ask. Well, my drafts are never very clean, so I edit them once before they go to Awesome Editor in the first place. Then I go through it again when he sends me his notes (I call this Editor Revisions). Then there are Line Edits. And then--once more after the copy editor is finished. Oh my! It gets tedious, but I do my best work in revisions (and both my editors are awesome when giving directions!), so I endure so the story turns out the best it possibly can. So there's where I am this week.  :) Pray for me--I may need it! Dani

July Jubilee Author Takeover!

Join me tonight on the Nice Girls Writing Naughty Readers group as I takeover and direct some fun games! There will be naughty fun, lots of laughter, and loads of prizes! Join the group here. I'll be there from 7-8pm EST, followed by Ella Sheridan from 8-9pm EST, and Zoey Derrick from 9-10pm EST. You never know what we'll get up to... July Jubilee, anniversary, reader party, games, prizes

#MySexySaturday Goin’ Out Solo

Welcome to my edition of My Sexy Saturday! Love this week’s idea: Handsome heroes are my ALL TIME FAVORITE subjects. Especially strong, sexy men who are grabbing life by the horns and riding hell for leather. Nate Hawthorne is just such a man, and I’m thrilled to introduce you to my newest hero. Goin' Out Solo, Backstage Pass Series, rock star romance Here he is in GOIN' OUT SOLO, A Backstage Pass novella: Sara whirled around on the pavement, staring at Nate Bishop in shocked silence, but his body appeared perfectly at ease-though the look from under the black brim of his cowboy hat was as intense as always. Same as always, as if he were hiding something he didn’t want the world to see too well. “I can drive her home, if you want,” he said, shifting a little in his cowboy boots. Sara could see the tension draining off Jake as he pushed toward his friend. Extending his hand, they met palms for a single shake. “Thanks, man.” Just as Jake’s nerves settled, Sara's ramped up. Five hours in an enclosed truck cab with hot and steamy Nate? That man lit her fire quicker than a match, while he all but patted her on the head for being a good girl. The one time she'd gotten desperate enough to hint that she was interested he'd shuddered, insisting he couldn't kiss someone he saw as a little sister. Go experiment with someone your own age, he'd said. So she tucked her humiliation down deep, along with all thoughts of his magnificent ass, and tried to find someone nice to play with. Unfortunately, it didn't kill the craving. And last night—that had been the dance of her life. She’d wanted to pout like a toddler when her brother had cut in. The whole time Nate’s dark gaze had held her captive, she’d been telling herself it didn’t mean anything. When he’d walked away without speaking, simply handing her over, she’d known it was meaningless to him. But she’d always remember it…always. Sara looked up to find Nate’s gaze trained directly on her. His chin-length brown hair and ever present cowboy hat granted him secrecy. Still she wondered what he was thinking behind the prop he used to keep people at arms’ length—even if he didn’t realize it. She couldn't see him, but she could feel that gaze and had the sudden impression of a lion stalking his prey. Heat flashed through her, settling in her core despite her mental protest. More about GOIN' OUT SOLO: Rock star Nate Hawthorne's good-guy status is as iconic as his black cowboy hat, despite his personal struggles. Now faced with his own mortality, he must choose whether to continue being the good friend, the good band mate...or risk being very, very bad. Sara Drayton has overcome a nightmare childhood to stand on her own merits, even if her overprotective brother can't see it. Nate has been her forbidden fantasy for years. Now he's offering her a no-strings weekend at his cabin to fulfill all her desires – except her wish to be his forever. Nate knows he's breaking the rules by taking Sara to bed, but he's desperate for the peace he can only find through her touch. With death on the horizon, can forbidden love bring one man back from the brink of an uncertain future? This novella is now available for pre-order for only 99 cents at Amazon! It will officially release on June 30th, so reserve your copy today! And click HERE to join my Goin’ Out Solo Book Launch Giveaway! I’m giving away a $25 gift card. And don’t forget to check out more My Sexy Saturday hunky heroes here. Enjoy! Dani

ART-Join Today!

It’s almost time! Goin’ Out Solo, Backstage Pass Bk 4, is about to go up for pre-order—but there’s a very special chance for you to read it and all my other books early! Check it out! Advanced Reading Team, romance readers I’m offering a few select readers the chance to read these books early! I have my very own Advanced Review Team, and I’d love for you to be a part. That means you’d get the chance to read my upcoming books BEFORE RELEASE DAY! All I ask is that you leave an honest review of the book on Amazon (and any other review sites you frequent) on the actual release day. Does the thought of free books pique your interest? Well, here’s what you do:
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Snow Bound, Small Town Secrets, novella, romance, cover artistOnly newsletter members are eligible for this special opportunity. I assume if you’re interested in my books, you’re interested in information on upcoming releases and events. Newsletter members only receive an email every 4 to 6 weeks, so no spamming. (P.S. Joining my newsletter means getting a FREE novella too—SNOW BOUND, part of my Small Town Secrets series.)  
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  That’s it! Does this mean I expect all 5 star reviews? No. No everyone will love my books (though I hope you actually like them if you sign up), and not everyone will enjoy all my books equally. As a life-long reader, I completely understand that. It’s another reason why I’m giving readers the option of which of my books they’d like to read. Not everyone loves both those genres. But reader reviews seriously help a book get noticed on Amazon! It helps other readers know what to anticipate in a story and whether it will fit their reading tastes. The number of reviews can also help authors when we apply for certain promotional opportunities. Every review I get on my books is a blessing—one for which I’m deeply grateful. All I ask is that you be honest, and don’t post any spoilers. So, are you with me? Readers who join now will get to read the next Backstage Pass book, featuring Nate, in the next few weeks. And another installment of the Small Town Secrets series later this year. So don’t wait! Send me that email now, and join the team. I can’t wait to get to know you and share special sneak peaks of my upcoming releases! Dani

A Dirty Job, But…

I'm working with my cover artist, Elizabeth Wallace, on a few projects right now. First, a new cover for Snow Bound, so it matches the rest of the Small Town Secrets series. Also a cover for Nate and Sarah's book, now titled Goin' Out Solo. I have a confession. I'm a little uptight about my covers. I like to pick the photos myself. It's such a tough job! Screen after screen of this... muscular handsome sexy, male model, cover model, cover art                   and this... pool party, memorial day, blog hop     Such a hardship!

Are you a connoisseur of man candy? Do you, like me, click L I KE on all the hot hunky pics on Facebook? Have you seen a picture that you would love to see as a cover? Posted it in the comments and let's share the joy. But first, Snow Bound's new cover!!! Yay!!

Snow Bound, Small Town Secrets, novella, romance, cover artist   Cool, huh? Dani