Thanks for dropping by my stop on the Naughty Hotties Blog Hop with the fellow Nice Girls Writing Naughty! The rock stars of Solar Uprising in my Backstage Pass series love to celebrate holidays with wild parties, and spring is a great time to open the pool and break out the bikinis!

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There’s Michael Korvello whispering into his new wife’s ear about their very first encounter in the waterfall alcove. He loves making her blush! His brother, Daniel Korvello, is plying his girlfriend Becca with a cupcake with patriotic icing (all the while trying to get her out of her cover-up).

Sean Rosslair is coaxing Meghan deeper into the water, grinning wide when her toes can’t touch the bottom and she wraps her legs around and holds on tight. Meghan isn’t complaining! Who wouldn’t want a hot, hard-bodied drummer between her thighs. 😉

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For once, hottie Nate Bishop has discarded his iconic cowboy hat to get wet with his honey, Sara. I can’t wait to share his story with y’all this summer! In the meantime, here’s a flashback to one of the Korvellos wild and crazy pool parties!

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 Finding Her Rhythm, Backstage Pass Novella, romantic suspense, erotic romance, romance author, musician hero, Indie publishing“Don’t let them fool ya,” Becca said. “Michael’s a great guy, but he doesn’t exactly have a ‘white-picket-fence’ lifestyle. Take care of yourself.”

She turned at the rebel yells that erupted from the vicinity of the doors to the house. Daniel and Michael ran across the decorative concrete to cannonball into the pool.

They surfaced with whoops and hollers until one of the band members yelled, “Chicken fight!”

Becca wasted no time getting to her feet. “That would be my cue to exit. The annual chicken fight is definitely not my scene.” She strode toward the locker rooms, leaving Taylor to face the music.

She turned a wide-eyed gaze toward the rest of the party, which was rapidly dividing itself by groups of two. Even the teenagers. Her stomach started to churn, faster and faster, like a merry-go-round gaining speed.

She stayed put, sort of an “if I’m very still, no one will notice me” move. After all, no one had so far. But she should have known her luck would run out.

Not two minutes later Michael detached himself from the group and swam in her direction. Oh, that hot dog had been a mistake. She just might puke in the pool.

No. No no no. Please don’t make me do this. The last thing she wanted was for Michael Korvello to try to lift her. She could just imagine the stoic grunt as he realized just how much she weighed. Not to mention having to do it in front of a handful of women shaped like twigs. With boobs, of course.

His head lifted above the water with slick grace, the wetness somehow deepening the smoky blue of his eyes. “I need a partner, Taylor.”

She swallowed hard. “No, thanks.”

“Come on. You wouldn’t leave me hangin’, would ya?”

Her expression must have showcased some of her “you bet I would, mister” sentimentality, because the laughter in his ramped up. “Come on. Just a friendly game of chicken.” His emphasis on the word notated his challenge.

Just like he challenged her every day. Drawing her out, coaxing her to take the leap. But this time she had fear of taking her towel off in front of thirty-some-odd people on her side.

“Not happening.” She shook her head to drive her point home.

Above the slosh of people in the pool, a voice suddenly rang out. “I thought you said she was a cool nanny?”

A quick glance revealed the teens looking her way, and not a single soul left out of the pool, except one woman wrangling two toddlers.

And her.

So much for outgrowing peer pressure. Her “okay” got everyone back to their preparations and their eyes off her, thank God. But not Michael’s.

He watched with a raised brow as she stood next to her lounger. Her legs shook with the desire to run back to the locker rooms and hide. How could she possibly do this? But some teeny-tiny spark inside insisted she could ramp up that sexy glint in his eyes.

Fake it till you make it.

Sucking in her stomach, she let the towel drop to reveal her new swimsuit. His gaze traveled down the teal one-piece with interest, lingering where it dipped low over her cleavage. Turning, she draped her towel over her lounger. A totally unnecessary maneuver, but his quick intake of breath told her he’d seen the heart-shaped cutout right over the dimples at the small of her back.

Did he like them?

Remembering when those dimples had been the subject of ridicule rather than an intimate secret between lovers, she approached Michael with a touch of caution. When she was within a few steps of him, he breathed, “Damn, woman.”

Ah, victory.

A few deep breaths got her through the indignity of climbing onto Michael’s muscled shoulders. Thankfully he didn’t moan or stumble over her weight. The only thing that eased her self-consciousness was the feel of his wet skin against hers. His hands warming as they curled around her thighs. The flex of his arms as he balanced her securely.

Oh, she was so going to hell for her thoughts.

Luckily no one else seemed to be paying her any attention as one of the men yelled, “Ready. Set. Go!”

She fought to keep her balance as the free-for-all ensued. Then she unabashedly clamped her thighs around Michael’s neck and held on for dear life. They both laughed so hard that she was distracted from the overt sexual nature of her position.

They weren’t the last couple standing, but they made it into the top five, at least. McKayla and the sixteen-year-old boy who was dazzled to have her on his shoulders came out the winners.

Matthew complained, “They just went easy on you because you’re a girl.” Didn’t matter that any number of “girls” now littered the pool with dripping wet hair.

But Taylor would never forget the final push that sent her falling into the water, bending Michael back with her. He’d released her with ease and was quick to pull her up and out of the way of flailing limbs and laughing people. In the midst of the chaos they’d stood for long moments, bodies touching, eyes locked, until the winners were finally determined.

The signal came naturally then. Holding his gaze, she nestled closer, letting her hands find his hips through the wet swim trunks he wore.

Even if the piercing look in his eyes hadn’t clued her in, the hard erection pressed against her belly would have. She had a feeling Michael’s days of waiting had just come to an end.

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  1. Jane - May 23, 2015 Reply

    I love this series, and am keenly awaiting the next one.
    Summer, (nearly 7 months away for me) – my aim would be to be sitting on a balcony, overlooking a beach/lake, sipping a glass of white wine and reading. For me, that’s total relaxation

  2. leelalou - May 23, 2015 Reply

    Great excerpt and I love the picture of the pool. I like barbecues and picnics but I like quiet holidays with family at home. A nice dinner, quick clean up and relaxing.

  3. Marcy Meyer - May 23, 2015 Reply

    My favorite way to celebrate summer holidays is to cook-out on the grill and have lots of outside activities for the kids.

  4. Marcy Meyer - May 23, 2015 Reply

    Forgot to add that I signed up for your newsletter.

  5. Dani Wade - May 23, 2015 Reply

    Ah, Jane! Thank you so much! I’ll be visiting the beach with my extended family this summer (starting now for us in the US South), but I don’t think I’ll get to linger on the balcony and drink wine. 🙁 Too many kids who want to go, go, go!

  6. Dani Wade - May 23, 2015 Reply

    Thanks, Marcy! I’ll be in touch about your free novella for signing up! I love BBQs too, and we do them often around here. Big family events with lots of burgers, steaks, and hot dogs. Oh, and potato salad! Yum!

  7. Pam Lowery - May 23, 2015 Reply

    My favorite way to celebrate the summer holidays is grilling out with my family. Spending time with them, especially my niece and nephews, who are teenagers and growing up too fast, is very important to me. We also love to try and take a vacation to the mountains of Gatlinburg.

  8. titania - May 23, 2015 Reply

    Cookouts with family is my favorite.

  9. flchen1 - May 24, 2015 Reply

    Hanging out with friends, enjoying summer fruit, and hot reads, Dani! 😀 Hope you’re having a great lead into summer!

  10. laraarcher - May 24, 2015 Reply

    *fans self*!! Great excerpt, Dani!!!

  11. jenifa - May 24, 2015 Reply

    Cookouts and camp fires

  12. Heather Fellows - May 24, 2015 Reply

    Thanks for being part of the blog hop
    I love to hang by the pool reading

  13. Ginger Robertson - May 24, 2015 Reply

    Hi Dani

    That was a hot water scene.

    I like to enjoy the summer holidays best when going to the local amusement park and floating down the lazy river. Stop, read for a while then go back and continue to float the lazy river. And I let my mind float on….

  14. Michelle - May 24, 2015 Reply

    I like to go camping during the summer holidays. BBQ, games, and taking the boat out with the family. Best of all is making smore’s for me and my niece & nephew.

  15. EM Barton - May 25, 2015 Reply

    Favorite way to celebrate summer is bbq, beach and bonfires with my children and grandchildren! Subscribed to your newsletter 😀

  16. darlamsands - May 25, 2015 Reply

    Oh, fabulous excerpt. And the images didn’t hurt. ~grin~ I love to spend holidays swimming in a nice lake. Happy Memorial Day! I’m off to see a parade. Best wishes.

  17. Dani Wade - May 26, 2015 Reply

    My winner for today is EM Barton! I’ll be contacting you via email. Thanks for dropping by everyone! Made for a great holiday!

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